Are you a new entrepreneur in need of support?

Not sure how to reach your target audience?

In a rut with your project?

Need help with your new business plan?


GBO members speak your language and know the struggles that come with business ownership. Long-lasting, trustworthy relationships made in the club help members support one another to help achieve success.

GBO membership gives you access to a continuously growing network of members and ambassadors worldwide. Our network consists of entrepreneurs, investors, potential clients, and providers who are directly available to all members in the GBO community.

The GBO Startup Hub is a program developed to help startups in their early-stage development. To qualify, your startup must not be more than 4 years old. GBO Startup Hub members have access to the benefits of a full GBO membership, plus an exclusive package of services available only to them.

All services included in a full GBO membership, plus:

  • The GBO Advisory Board: an exclusively dedicated multidisciplinary expert team that will help you grow your business. The board will carry out a 360º review of your business: pitch/deck, business plan and strategy implementation.
  • One Advanced Report by Fair Value, valued at 29,99 EUR, powered by Fellow Funders
  • A free analysis of Tax Lease elegibility by (Only for Spanish Startups)
  • One Interview with the CEO/GBO Startup Hub Executive Advisor that will be published on all GBO channels
  • Two GBO spotlight seats per year at the worldwide meeting, which will be recorded and shared on all channels, plus one GBO spotlight seat in a local physical meeting (travel and food/beverage costs not included)
  • All startups will be displayed on the dedicated GBO Startup Hub page, where they will also have a private messaging board
  • 4 published news articles per year on the GBO website, which are also shared on LinkedIn
Join the club and start feeling #ProudToBeGBO!

* Plus VAT where applicable. We can offer a flexible payment option in installments. To qualify, your startup must not be more than 4 years old, at the moment of sign up and before yearly renewals. After that period, you will be able to renew your membership at the regular price of 500 EUR/year.

Membership Registration Form
For invoices inside Spain and EU countries without a valid VAT Number, 21% VAT/IVA will be added. Invoices outside the EU are VAT exempt. Please provide full company details for VAT exempt invoices.

TALENT IS Wonderful.

Imagine you are a Startup of 4 Co-Founders and all of the sudden you become a huge Octopus and you have an amazing extension of talented people that empower every area of your Startup? Life become easier. Everything seems possible. Every connection nourishes our team and Business Plan.

We grow as humans, we grow as a Startup.

Having GBO Advisory Board and being able to learn from a multidisciplinaryand multicultural expert team formed by GBO members empowers our road to achieve our goals.

You can't stop the future
You can't rewind the past
The only way to learn the secret to press play and have GBO as part of your dreams and your team!

You will never feel alone again.

Thank you GBO!

And if our mobilization can make it possible, beyond accompanying us in these difficult times, to support projects and commitments likely to move society forward, we will have the feeling that we have fulfilled our mission a little more.

HUBU Sol Alsina
Future of Work Director
International Relations

Having a great business idea with the passion of bringing this idea to real-life drives many entrepreneurs. However, not having the experience in today's very demanding and ever-changing business environment requires expertise, know-how, and, more importantly, experience. GBO's excellent network of professional and well-experienced experts provides the necessary support at all levels, including legal, brand management, team establishment, and even in marketing...we are very grateful and pleased with GBO and the experience we have since our award...”

YALIYOMO Nihat Arkan
CEO & Founder
Yaliyomo GmbH

Kundall: Follow the voice of the city
Being part of GBO certainly is a game-changer. No matter how developed your company is, nowadays networking is key, and one of the many benefits of GBO is exactly that, a network of very wise and experienced people of many different industries that are willing to share stories, feedback, advice, partnerships, and businesses with you.

We are very pleased with what GBO has offered us since the beginning of our partnerships, it means a great advantage in this fast-paced Startup industry.

We are proud to be part of the GBO Family, and we highly recommend to join this community, you will meet awesome people and it will definitely help you grow your business"

Kundall Carlos Montilva
Ubuntu 360 Neal Makadooj
Founder and CEO
re-aviva Ildefonso Muelas Martín
Business Development Manager
Sven Oceans Concept Sven Massenhove
Chief Executive Officer
Luna Iberica Hernan Lucero Giai
CEO & Founder
Chrono Expert Pablo Martin
Liberatrade Max Ward
Chief Executive Officer
BIOHOME Pierino Puigsubirà
Idena Michael de Jose
President +34 675776317